Why Join The Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce?

We welcome new members and new ideas.
The mission of The Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce is to empower and educate African-American, other minorities, and women-owned businesses in the Savannah Metropolitan and surrounding areas that will foster a thriving and sustainable business environment.

Membership Benefits

Credibility of Your Business

  • Membership in the Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Congress (GSBCC) can potentially increase your organization’s public perception.  About 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses who are members of chambers. (American Business Mag, 2012).
  • Perception is increased amongst consumers and other business owners when your organization is identified as a member of a chamber of commerce (Dearborn Chamber of Commerce in Michigan)

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Advocacy and Support

The GSBCC will be your voice in the community and in government.  The chamber will
advocate for you businesses concerning matters that will be in your businesses best interest. There is strength in numbers.

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Marketing, Visibility, and Exposure

  • Your company will be listed in the chamber newsletter, the chamber’s social media, and other marketing material.  This is often seen by other organizations and consumers within the community, thus increasing your visibility.
  • The chamber can also provide promotion of your services through events such as grand opening and re-openings.
  • The chamber can also assist your business or provide guidance relating to public relations efforts.

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Strategic Networking

Networking is very important to stay alive, but strategic networking goes a step beyond. 
Strategic networking is making those connections that can be mutually beneficial to you and the business you are networking with.  The GSBCC can help you both determine beneficial services that two member companies can offer each other.

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Professional and Business Development & Evolvement

  • The GSBCC will provide you and your business with professional development and growth along with business development sessions. 
  • You can benefit from learning about how to grow your business, how to brand yourself and company, and a wealth of other developmental opportunities.

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Public Policy Influence

  • The GSBCC will keep you informed on important legislation as well as working on your behalf to make sure those who are creating the policy will keep you on their minds. 
  • Legislatures often consider small businesses but having a concrete image of your business can make them more deliberative in their decision-making.

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A part of Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to share and highlight the best our community has to offer, and create sustainable results that build economically, intellectually, and culturally.  We offer events and resources to enhance these initiatives to continue to grow and highlight our best. We focus on empowering a diverse culture of African American professionals, entrepreneurs, and the community at large in the Savannah Metro and throughout the Coastal Empire.